The challenge is the adoption of new strategies in managing those resources who are able to guide all employees through a trajectory of growth whilst learning new skills. This is the starting point for the event: “HR transformation: how to manage constantly evolving people, organizations and technologies”

Such workshop has been promoted and organized by Interlogica and Ca’ Foscari Alumni and it will take place Tuesday, 28th May at 2:30 pm inside “Danilo Mainardi Auditorium” at the Via Torino Scientific Campus (part of Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Mestre).

Interlogica’s aim is to stimulate some talks around the different challenges the HR world is currently facing and it has asked experts of different seniority to come and share their thoughts. Such debate is looking to offer an up-to-date view on what might happen in the future, together with some important topics that can be discussed and analyzed further.

Technology is playing a key part in how to manage resources and it has opened an extremely active market with massive choices in terms of platforms, applications and other services such as chatbot, job-boards for both candidates and employers, video-interviews, ATS, gamification etc. These are very innovative and recent tools whose aim is to give a good candidate journey.

In such landscape the experts such as university professors, businessmen and consultants will share their thoughts and views, coordinated by Mrs. Anna Comacchio, Business Management Professor at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

Our speakers will be: Pamela A. Adediwura, Product Growth member and Marketing and Communications specialist at Interlogica, Michele Campione, Talent Management Director EMEA and HR Business Partner Quality and Continuous Improvement at Electrolux, Marco Calzolari, Agile Coach and CEO at Agile Reloaded, Giuseppe Venier, CEO at Umana.

Interlogica, in prima linea nella proposizione di una cultura del cambiamento, crea un’occasione per riflettere e confrontarsi sulle nuove modalità organizzative del lavoro, sui trend, in cui la tecnologia è allo stesso tempo causa e opportunità, sulle implicazioni, sui benefici e le complessità, senza tralasciare un elemento fondamentale: al centro del processo e prima della tecnologia, degli strumenti e dei servizi, ci sono le persone.

Interlogica is always implementing the culture of change and it creates an opportunity to ponder and discuss on new organizational modalities at work, on the different trends, where technology is, at the same time, cause and opportunity in implications, benefits and complexity. We always bear in mind the fundamental key thing: right at the heart of this process and way before technology, tools and services there are people.

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HR transformation: how to manage constantly evolving people, organizations and technologies
May 28th, 2019
2.30 – 4:30 p.m.

Auditorium Danilo Mainardi
Campus scientifico Via Torino – Ca’ Foscari University,
Via Torino 155, 30170 Mestre (VE)

Events promoted and realized by Interlogica and Ca’ Foscari Alumni