Hacking: what does it really mean?

Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security against Cybercrime

What is Ethical Hacking? What is Cyber Security? How dangerous is the Cybercrime?

To answer these questions, we decided to interview Pawel Zorzan Urban, Cyber Security Manager at Segment, Interlogica group’s company offering numerous Cyber Security services. He is the spokesperson of a specific case of fight to online crime, an important programme on main Italian TV channel spoke about.



Alfredo, a man from Parma, was the latest example of a victim of cyber crime and viral hoax. He contacted Pawel Zorzan Urban, a member of the Italian underground hacker community, to get his help in defending Alfredo from this infamous news that is circulating on a social network. Our expert immediately contacted the hacker community and he is now working with 42, all experts of the hacking community in Italy, to deal with this case. They are activating a counter-information campaign (the only way to contrast the hoax that is impossible to erase from the web). At the same time, they are collaborating with the police forces to trace the first infamous post that started the Alfredo’s calvary.


“I decided to help Alfredo,” Pawel explains, “because from an ethical point of view, it is crucial that this does not happen again. They have really destroyed his life and unfortunately today there is no way to defend yourself directly from such a lie. Everything that today is believed to be just a computer threat can become a real threat to a person’s life. We do not want this to happen again, because today this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone of you.”



For many years Cybercrime has existed going unnoticed until a few years ago. This is due to the lack of awareness on the effects such crimes may have on people’s lives. Computer crimes, unfortunately, as our expert explains, can affect everyone, from companies to people who have photos or documents on their computers. For this reason, in the last few years the media are spreading information on everything regarding the cybercrime and cyber security. In fact, just recently, the journalist Sandro Ruotolo met, for an ItalianLeaks inquiry, Pawel, who has demonstrated how easily cyber criminals can access everyone’s private data through a simple trick, like a weblink.



We are increasingly exposed online and this explains why cybercrime is constantly growing. However, Ethical Hacking and cyber security companies are equally growing in number.

The ethical hacker, in computer science, is a curious person who studies online and offline computer infrastructures and analyzes them to see if they are affected by vulnerabilities that could compromise their functioning and damage the data contained therein.


Segment was born from the encounter of a group of such hackers, members of the underground hacking community in Italy. They have decided to combine their expertise and skills to offer all those services aimed at facing the cybercrime and ensuring the security of a company.


To learn more about Alfredo’s story (#iostoconalfredo) and Segment, watch the video.