For the first time Interlogica opens up to Google Hash Code as a HUB.

Meet on February 20, 2020 from 6:30 pm at our headquarters in Via Miranese 91 in Mestre for the Qualification Round of the online team competition organized by Google. For the occasion, due to capacity reason, we will host a maximum of 15 people

Do you want to enter the Google Hash Code 2020 and choose Interlogica Hub to compete?

Organize your team (2 to 4 people) and make sure to sign up at Then select Interlogica Hub from the list of hubs in the Judge System.


6.30 – Problem’s announcement
6.45 – Delivery of the problem and start of the competition
9.30 – Scoreboard
10.30 am – Closing of the competition
10.40 – Livestreaming (discussion of the problem and possible solutions)

The Qualification Round officially starts at 6.30pm, but we suggest you to arrive 30 minutes earlier so you can get ready to start on time!

The teams with the highest scores will have a chance to fly to Google Ireland in April to take part in the Final Round of the competition.

The best of luck!