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Project funded under the Veneto Region POC

A.T.S. consists of:
• Dataveneta Computers Srl
• Interlogica Srl
• Jump Computers Srl
• t2i Trasferimento Tecnologico e Innovazione

is implementing the project “HODT: Hospice Operator Digital Twin” funded by of the Decree of the Director of the ERDF Management Area No. 328 of June 27, 2022″ under the “Call for Support for Projects Developed by Business Aggregations” referred to in DGR 1800 of December 15, 2021.

The HODT: Hospice Operator Digital Twin project embodies an ambitious industrial research endeavor, seeking to seamlessly integrate a spectrum of cutting-edge technologies. These technologies encompass IoT sensors, Big Data federation, and Digital Twins, with the ultimate goal of establishing an automated system designed for continuous monitoring of both humans and animals. This system is designed to uphold health and safety standards while operating with minimal energy consumption.

The initiative is championed by a consortium comprising four companies working collaboratively within a Temporary Purpose Aggregation: Interlogica S.r.l., Dataveneta Computers S.r.l., Jump Computer S.r.l., and the Research Organization T2i-Technology Transfer and Innovation. They are closely collaborating with the Institute of Electronics and Information and Telecommunications Engineering (IEIIT) at the National Research Center (CNR). This project aligns seamlessly with the Smart Specialization strategy of the Veneto Region, with a specific focus on Objective No. 3, “Sustainable Living,” within the realm of Safety and Health, particularly addressing item No. 9, “Assistive Technologies.”

The Project’s primary focus is on Active Aging, with an ambitious goal in mind: to develop an authentic Digital Twin of the social worker. This objective will be realized through the seamless integration of a variety of cutting-edge technologies.

The collaborative and smart aspect of this initiative culminates in the formation of a Digital Twin achieved by leveraging IoT platforms, allowing for real-time data processing at the source (“on the edge”). Subsequently, this data is securely transmitted, enriching an interconnected Big Data system integrated with pre-existing systems.

The system’s efficacy will undergo testing in a hospice environment, encompassing various aspects. These include optimizing information systems, tracking medical prescriptions over time, documenting medication administration, and continuously monitoring of patient’s vital signs.

The latter aspect is especially critical for early detection of conditions like COVID-19. Furthermore, the system will streamline the sharing of controls related to values, locations, parameters, ranges, thresholds, and other indicators, thereby fostering more efficient and precise management.

Started date: March 1, 2022
Completed by: August 30, 2024.

The public contribution benefiting the operation is €279,626.40, allocated as follows:

  • Dataveneta Computers Srl: € 89.205,25
  • Jump Computer Srl: € 89.205,25
  • Interlogica Srl: € 89.205,25
  • T2i scarl: € 12.010,65
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