Strengthening our presence in the automotive industry is our main goal. In order to achieve it, we moved towards new technologies, like automotive and IoT, and started a partnership with Koola, a Slovenian startup that produces OBD2 devices.


Koola’s aim is that of providing a scalable and analytic product, to provide car dealerships with the tools to offer a car interconnection service to their clients.

This is possible thanks to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform connecting dealers with their clients, therefore, increasing the opportunities for dealerships to sell post-sale services as well, like stamp duty renewal or inspection (MOT test).

The CRM for post-sales services allows dealers to:

Provide a better service to their clients, consequently improving customer loyalty;
Collect information from the vehicles to provide additional services and outline customer behaviour;
Gather information about the status of the vehicle to send alert messages containing information about planned or specially-made maintenance services;
Increase the sales volume.

Benefits, however, are not one-sided. Car owners also have their advantages. For instance, they can gain access to their car information using a specially-made application.


The appliance created by Koola can be installed directly on the vehicle, by using the OBD port. In just a few minutes, after the installation is completed, the device provides information about the status of the vehicle to both the owner and the dealer.

The thumb drives perform different functions: they control the car performance, read and analyse all the error messages provided by the car electronic components and they send a notification to the owner directly on his/her smartphone, indicating the problem as well as the severity level.


Thanks to the strategic agreement between Koola and Interlogica, the distribution of the OBD system is now open to the italian market as well.

Koola, through the ecosystem of the Interlogica group, has found BtheOne to be the perfect partner to expand its market entries.

In addition, BtheOne can now offer an additional service to its clients, therefore, increasing its appeal inside the market too.

This innovative system improves the safety of both your car and your trips! But we won’t stop here. We’re still working to improve the future!