Energy and Mobility are the two sectors in which we’re invested, and for which we develop projects that have a strong technological impact.

Over the last few years, the theme of E-mobility has become much more relevant for the market. Therefore, we decided to ask for the opinion of an expert: Giuseppe Benincasa, secretary general of Aniasa (National Association Industry of Car rental and Automotive services).

After a brief introduction on the Italian and international current status of affairs, Benincasa has described the different aspects linked with the development of E-mobility in our country, focusing on the necessity to develop a suitable infrastructure for the entire domestic territory. During the discussion two additional considerable aspects have emerged. First of all, the role played by energy supply companies, which will have to look at clean energy sources, in order to meet the needs of large-scale energy production. Second of all, the development of real-time interconnection technologies between vehicles, in order to reduce energy consumption levels. The industry players and the requirements are numerous and complex. For this reasons Benincasa believes that it is necessary to create a platform that would allow for dialogue and collaboration among the parties. Aniasa has developed and is still developing many projects related to electric and hybrid mobility, both in the car sharing and in the car rental sector. Right now, however, Italy is lagging behind, when compared to other european countries.

To know more about the topic, watch the full interview.