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Interlogica, in collaboration with the Sirolli Institute, is now available as the first Enterprise Facilitation hub in Italy to facilitate the development of businesses and professionals.
Enterprise Facilitation was developed by Ernesto Sirolli as a social technology to develop new skills and ways of sustainable economic development in the belief that the future of any community lies in capturing the energy, intelligence, and passion of its people.



Every Thursday evening, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., the usual Apericall with Ernesto Sirolli is scheduled. Originally conceived as a digital place to exchange opinions and experiences in a difficult time, it has become an essential meeting point for the network of entrepreneurs who are getting closer to one another and generating concrete actions: they talk to each other, get to know each other, evolve and find new routes to travel together.

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    The ToM® in its digital format, held in both Italian and English. Trinity of Management® is the method developed by Ernesto Sirolli in the last thirty-five years of activity that gives participants the awareness of their own actions and business decisions, enabling them to finally give a name to abstract concepts and actions that allow them to redesign the way of doing business.

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    The Enterprise Facilitator supports the creation of teams capable of doing three things properly: developing a new product or service, market it and take care of Finance. To accomplish this, the Facilitator requires help from a group of people willing to share their networks. This is why the Facilitator needs a Resource Team, a group of people who offer to share contacts to identify people who can help customers.

    The Resource Team explained by Ernesto Sirolli

    enterprise facilitation

    Word of mouth

    enterprise facilitation

    Network sharing

    Referral of professionals

    Anyone who wants to join the Resource Team will attend an Induction Class held by Ernesto Sirolli in person, so as to understand how to be a part of the network following the methods of Trinity of Management®.

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