Interlogica organized the first Meetup Agile Venezia in order to promote the Agile philosophy and how it is revolutionising the business world.

The Venetian appointment, at Gustoclick, has satisfied the curiosity of a wide range of users: entrepreneurs, marketers, production and all enthusiasts, curious of Agile. The main purpose of this event was to talk and discuss this philosophy not only in its application in software houses, but to go further and understand how to use it in other areas of business, as hardware or marketing.

The event was fully recorded to facilitate the diffusion of this topic; in queue to the text we have publisched all the talk videos, also collected in a playlist on our youtube channel.

Andrea Provaglio (Enterprise Agile Coach) kick started the evening with the talk “Business Agility: Myths, Misunderstandings and Reality”. What does it really mean for a company to be Agile? What is Business Agility? These are the questions that this talk has answered. Indeed, Provaglio, explains that agility means having the ability to operate knowing that you can not foresee what will happen, but addressing projects with a disciplined and scientific methodology that allows people’s knowledge growth.

Paolo Sammicheli (Agile Coach for Hardware) moves the attention from business agility to the use of agile methodologies for the production of physical objects, with the talk “Industrial Agility: how to respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. The intervention started with a concrete example of Scrum application, a methodology based on Agile’s philosophy, a car building project, by Joe Justice (WikiSpeed and He explains how this project has been carried out using scrum tools and workflows such as boards, post-it, and object programming. This implies splitting the product into several modules by defining the interfaces that will connect them. This workflow allows project developers to modify and iterate single components without having to touch the whole product.

The evening was closed by the practical example of Ludovico Busetto (Board Member and Analyst of the Marketers Group) with the talk “Agile by necessity: MARKETERs Group case”. Presenting the company, Busetto explained how their liquid structure and the agile approach to the different projects led them to reach very important results in little time.

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For now, enjoy the videos and see you next time!