Interlogica, a well-established IT company operating in the automotive market, has decided to extend its influence in this industry acquiring the majority share of the newly-established BtheOne –

The creation of this company has represented for Interlogica one of the mandatory steps to reach a quite complete control of the long-term rental market.

As a fact, along the automotive value chain, dealers could be the next new target for Interlogica’s business.

BtheOne is the ideal dealers’ partner as it  supports their business with a range of digital strategy and consulting solutions throughout the customer’s lifecycle, from pre-to-after-sales.

Strategic and operational uphold, based on innovative tools and strong creativity,  is the primary ingredient to meet the challenges and the ongoing evolution, the market imposes.

BtheOne therefore aims to optimize inefficient processes and focus on the use of IoT and CRM technologies for the digital management of mechanics .

The multidisciplinary background of the 5 professionals, the company’s heart, and profound knowledge of the automotive industry complete the BtheOne’s  assets. This young and dynamic company has found a perfect match with the logics and philosophy of the Interlogica group.

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