Interlogica Industries, the parent company of the Interlogica ecosystem, is proud to announce a new and important result; it has reached in these days a commercial agreement for the Saudi Arabian market, adding one of the biggest Middle East countries to the group’s ever-growing international network.

The focus on the Middle East market represents a significant potential development for Interlogica and corresponds to the growth of the brand in countries with a strong and innovative drive. A progression that began a few years ago with our first project in Dubai and continued with an ever-increasing presence in the area.

“Today, September 25th, 2018, we agreed with Mr. Hassan H. Farrash, partner/owner of Farrash Group, to appoint his group as the official and exclusive retailer of the products and solutions of Interlogica Industries ecosystem in Saudi Arabia. The aim of the agreement is to accentuate the technological and innovative proposition of the Farrash Group to form new synergies with existing businesses and to start digging in the technological market in order to enlarge their business opportunities and embrace the huge digital transformation of his country.”– as Alessandro Fossato, Interlogica CEO explains – “We get in touch with him a little bit less than two years ago when he identified Interlogica as the right partner to start this journey and today we found an agreement that really allows us to be part of the Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.”

Farrash Group is considered a very well diversified family business dealing in real estate development, hotel management, general contracting and military supplies, food catering and supplies and outlet clothing. A globally respected company that provides proactive and dynamic business solutions by leveraging technology to improve profitability and sustain competitive advantage.

Says Mr Hassan H Farrash“Today, as we mark our partnership with Mr. Alessandro Fossato and team up with his amazing Interlogica Industries Ecosystem Company, I am quite confident that in the near future our efforts and services to the Saudi market will be evidently seen and competently recognized as top notch in IT domain.”

Thanks to this agreement, Interlogica Industries’ innovative solutions and products are therefore developing into another constantly growing market.