Do the right thing – when cybersecurity meets ethics


Do the right thing – when cybersecurity meets ethics

200 students, 4 speakers, one host. These are the numbers that mattered at the event called “Do the right thing – when cybersecurity meets ethics” on the 29th of November 2017.

The event was organized by We Are Segment – a firm part of the Interlogica group – at the I.T.I.S. C. Zuccante (an italian high school specialized in IT) to honor the undisputed member  and CEO of the aforementioned companyFilippo Cavallarin.

To welcome him back, a group of young and rowdy students, ten professors and some guests filled the auditorium. In addition, there was also a tray filled with ails and a hammer to remind him of one of his old habits.


With a short introduction, Filippo told to the young students the phases that gained him the fame at the beginning of November, from the birth of his interest in the IT sector, to the transformation of his fascination for this subject into a job, that eventually led him to discover the TorMoil vulnerability.

Even though the students were energetic, their attention was captured right from the start, thanks to the video of an astronaut that sung inside his spaceship.

The video gave prompts to Andrea Mugnolo, who was filling the seat for the principal, to introduce the host and moderator of this round table: Roberto Bonzio, a curious and captivating journalist who is the author and protagonist of the multimedia representation entitled “We owe everything to Hippies. At the roots of the New Economy” which was sponsored by Interlogica.



This smart “moderator” acted as a catalyst, captivating the attention of every participant with multimedia prompts, from which he distilled key words and concepts alternating monologues to more participatory moments, thus differentiating the rhythm of the event.

The contributions that have filled the 2 hour-meeting at the school, while also debating directly with Filippo, have been varied.

A lot of attention was given to concrete cases of cyberbullying and their consequences, reported by the criminal attorney Cerpelloni; the point of view of the two sociologists: Gianluca Giannelli, who was present in the auditorium, and Davide Bennato, who joined the event via phone call. Both analyzed the ethics theme in the hacker and digital world; and the experience of Simone Puggiotto who underlined the importance of cybersecurity experts as well as how important it is for today’s and future companies to have strong IT security.

The interaction with students gave meaning and energy to the event, with moments of shyness among students who talked in front of the crowd, together with lighter and funnier moments filled with bloopers, puns, rounds of applauses and exhortation choruses.

We hope that the students of the Zuccante high school have treasured some of the advices that were spontaneously given during the two hours event: to believe in themselves and in their abilities, to remember that acts of cyberbullying among minors do not go unpunished and, most importantly, to believe in their dreams.



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