An ancient location, a classical venetian villa built during the eighteenth century was the setting of the first meeting of the itinerant “Digital Dealer Tour”.

The day was organized by BtheONE Automotive, a firm part of the Interlogica ecosystem, which welcomed the first meeting between customers, partners, mobility experts as well as the biggest car dealers of the Triveneto (North-Eastern Italy).

The aim of the Digital Dealer Tour was that of supplying the dealers with the basic concepts and tools to face the Digital Transformation, which is going to bring a radical change in the automotive industry. The introduction of new horizons and new organizational models, like the E-mobility,  was discussed by Interlogica’s CEO.

Another important theme that was discussed during the morning sessions was the understanding of the inherent risks brought by new technologies, therefore, the participation of the We Are Segment group, an association that is part of Interlogica, was paramount, considering their specialization in Cyber Security.



The main theme of the morning session was the need to integrate new digital tools as well as rethinking how business is done inside car dealerships.

The event opened with Maila Maniero’s presentation, entitled “Close to your business: the importance of human interaction”. Maila Maniero is a member of, the company that sponsored the event.

BtheOne Co-founder, Thomas Grones, presented “The digital transofrmation in the automotive industry of the future” explaining how the digital transformation will have a strong impact on the retailer, even though many don’t share this view as of yet.

Andrea Sportillo from Moca Interactive, explained how it is possible to transform car dealers website visitors into potential clients with his “Efficiency: how to gain more from the current website traffic” .


The first part of the event was closed by Alessandro Fossato’s presentation “How digital transformation influenced the socio-cultural system”. Interlogica’s CEO took the opportunity to clarify how the Digital Transformation isn’t something that is going to happen in the far future, but that is already happening and that requires a revision of the technologies that are being used as well as the culture and mindset of the individuals forming a company.

In order to explain the importance of the acquisition of different abilities in multiple sectors, to be competitive at a market level, Alessandro Fossato brought the example of the energy sector, which is on the brink of change, due to the digital transformation.


The theme of the afternoon session was that of learning everything about new digital tools, which allow dealerships to reintegrate a very profitable share of the market, that of the after-sale services, like car maintenance and car tax licenses, which in turn would allow dealers to keep in contact with their customers.

The afternoon event was opened by Sergio Ermacora, who presented Koola, an after-sale CRM (Customer Relationship Management) OBD (On Board Diagnostic).

Sergio’s talk was followed by GestionaleautoEsosphera and Fast Automotive with different talks on multiple, simultaneous publication of offers; pre and after-sales chatbots for customer-care and of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in furtherance of the need to become “Digital Dealers”.

The most anticipated guest was We Are Segment, which recently made it to the national news thanks to their Tormoil discovery, about the vulnerability in the Tor Browser.

During the last talk of the day, Riccardo Petrantoni talked about the importance of entrusting experts in order to secure the whole company infrastructure, as well as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The regulation is already in place, but will become mandatory on the 25th of May 2018 for all those companies that deal with, modify or delete customer data inside the EU. Riccardo specified that dealerships are part of this category and that it is paramount to align with this regulation before the deadline, to avoid any type of sanction.


The Digital Dealer Tour will continue with other events held in exclusive locations throughout the entire Italian Peninsula to meet with dealers and offer prompts and ideas together with the most innovative digital companies, specialized in finding solution for the automotive world.

To know more about the next event, visit the BtheOne Automotive facebook profile.