On WednesdaySeptember 18th, Alessandro Fossato, CEO here at Interlogicawill open the roundtable session organised at Rental HUB. This is the key event in Italy for mobility and rental.

The event will take place at Spazio MIL in Milan at 9:15 am at Innovation conference room. It will be an exchange of different visions about How mobility is changing in Italy.

In the speakers panel there will also be Massimiliano Loconzolo, Fleet & Used Senior Manager at Toyota Motor Corporation, Pietro Teofilatto, Long Term Rental Director at ANIASA – Confindustria, Gian Paolo Aliani Soderi, General Director at MAPFRE ASISTANCIA ITALIA. Luca Zucconi, Web Content Manager at Fleet Magazine Italia will be the moderator of the event.

The debate will intersect all the different observations from the speakers, who are leaders in the rental and mobility domains. This will give a good idea of the changes happening at the moment but it will also help to understand what the future might hold for us.

Alessandro Fossato will deepen the theme of disruption in the rental industry starting by comparing it to the banking and the tourism worlds.

During the day, there will be 10 different workshops and 20 speakers which will talk in two separate areas: the Innovation room and the Mobility room. Speeches will be about mobility, new business opportunities, processes remodelling, managing and collecting leads for renting, the future of mobility transformation for dealers, car manufacturers and brokers and much more.

Interlogica will be present in the business area with its own stand to make people aware of our expertise in supporting automotive companies both from a Business Design perspective and through the realisation of digital platforms and creating new ways for generating value.

The event, created by BtheOne Automotive, a company that belongs to Interlogica’s ecosystem, wants to become the reference point for the NLT market, a strategic pit-stop for the connected industries, for brokers and car dealers that are interested more and more in both short term and long term car rentals.

Rental HUB
September 18th, 2019

Spazio MIL
Via Luigi Granelli 1,
20099 Sesto San Giovanni
Milan (MI)

Round Table: How mobility is changing in Italy
9:15 a.m. – Innovation Conference Room
Alessandro Fossato, CEO Interlogica
Talk: Disruption in the mobility sector