Interlogica has entered into a partnership for the commercialization of the product Esplores, a data exploration tool, that has technologically developed over the years. It has the aim of creating efficient virtual visualizations and analyses with heterogeneous data sources, for every Big Data analysis needs. A trade agreement with Interlogica as a key-partner in Italy and with exclusive rights of distribution in the Middle-East.

Esplores is a data discovery solution for all Big Data analytics needs for carrying out complex analyses with data not necessarily related to each other, and it allows you to carry out the same analyses even on data layer which are not Big Data. Furthermore, regarding this last interesting feature, it leaves data “wherever they are”, a true “no data moving” that gives you the chance not to replicate the original data.

There are several connection points between Interlogica and Esplores: “The digital transformation has become one of the most viable strategies to accelerate business activities, processes, business growth and to fully leverage the available opportunities through new technology. Customer experience, business agility and operational efficiency – as it is claimed on the Esplores website – are the primary goals that drive organizations to undergo digital transformation”. These are all the guidelines that Interlogica has adopted a long time ago, that allow it to provide to the clients quick and bespoke solutions, that can bring to the table a true value.

Esplores is integrated in the Interlogica’s offer, with the knowledge that modern organizations must bring value to data in order to organize a global strategyto supervise and manage Big Data is not an option anymore but a necessity, in order to respond to the sudden fluctuations of the market, to optimize the processes and to develop new products and services.

Take a look at ESPLORES here.