Alessandro Fossato, CEO of Interlogica – the only Italian company invited – has been requested to speak during the Connected Health and Security Forum, inside the Biotech Campus in Geneva. Fossato’s speech is part of a much broader and prestigious set of lectures, with the participation of: Mauro Poggia, Minister of Department of employment, social affairs and health – Directorate general for Health (DEAS) Geneva, Col. Gérald Vernez of the Federal department of defence, population protection and sports – Delegate for Cyber.Defence, Dr. Matic Meglic Director of Digital Health and Patient Management Solutions – Integrated Health Solutions EMEA-Medtronic, M. Michel Bobillier Program Director in the IBM Security Business Unit worldwide, Prof. Antoine Geissbuhler Cyber-health and Telemedicine Service – University Hospitals of Geneva, as well as many other relevant participants.

The object of the Forum is that of discussing healthcare’s “cyber” safety:

  • How to respond to a major security risk in connected health?
  • How should the healthcare partners react in the presence of these new crises?
  • Security and health worry all actors. What are the others doing?

Fossato’s Talk, provocatively entitled ANALYZING SWISS HOSPITALS AS A “MAN OF THE STREET”, received much acclaim.

Conferenza Ginevra

Extract taken from presentation slide ©Interlogica

The international forum has been organized by DEAS Geneva (Deparment of Employment, Social Affairs and Health – Healthcare General Direction), Aurélie Rosemberg, Director of cross strategic projects