Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 7th at 4 p.m., Interlogica will be part of a discussion at Ecomondo, as a guest in the Environmental Talks event hosted by AssoAmbiente, the Association for Environment and Sustainability.

Ecomondo, taking place in Rimini from November 7th to 10th, stands as the foremost national trade show event for the ecological transition and new models of circular economy. It highlights crucial issues that often run the risk of being overlooked within the expansive environmental discourse.

The event, titled Innovation for Sustainability: Global Challenges and Humanistic Ecosystems, is a part of a broader program designed to showcase exemplary practices in the field and tackle critical sustainability matters. These Environmental Talks take place within a TV studio located in the Association’s space at Hall B3 – Stand 207-306 throughout the four-day fair and are live-streamed on their YouTube channel, enabling a broad audience to participate virtually.

The event kicks off with an introduction by Elisabetta Perrotta, Director of AssoAmbiente, followed by an interactive discussion between Lorenzo Gradi, Director of FISE, and Alessandro Fossato, CEO of Interlogica. Approximately fifty minutes will be dedicated to delving into the pivotal role of businesses in driving change towards sustainability. This includes how a regenerative business can not only minimize its adverse environmental impact but also actively contribute to creating a positive one. Technological innovation, in particular, serves as a crucial element in aiding businesses in meeting the challenges of sustainability, reducing their environmental footprint, and promoting human well-being.


As Interlogica, we will have a presence at the AssoAmbiente stand throughout the event.

For further information about AssoAmbiente’s program and initiatives, please visit the booth located in Hall B3 – Stand 207-306 during Ecomondo 2023, or follow the live stream on the Association’s YouTube channel.

You can also find additional details on the AssoAmbiente website.


Innovation for Sustainability: Global Challenges and Humanistic Ecosystems
November 7th at 4 p.m.
As a guest in the Environmental Talks series
hosted by AssoAmbiente, Hall B3 – Stand 207-306

Elisabetta Perrotta, Director of AssoAmbiente

Alessandro Fossato, CEO of Interlogica
Lorenzo Gradi, Director of FISE

Ecomondo – Rimini Exhibition Center, South Entrance