Fintech has been disrupting the financial and bank world for years.

Recently this revolution received a boost from the usage of the Blockchain technology, which benefitted from increasing investments and projects.

This technology is changing the concept of transaction, propriety and trust, which are the foundations of financial business logics.

The birth of Blockchain is linked to the Fintech growth and propagation and, given its success, has been applied to other industries as well.

Applying this innovation to Fintech implies, among other things, the disintermediation of the financial sector, making it more transparent, safe and efficient.

This has been the main topic of the second Fintech-Up, organised by Irene Tordera, where Interlogica made its appearance.

As a company that develops software and operates in the industry, we’ve been pushed by the desire to explore with other companies, which applications Blockchain can have in the revolution of the financial industry.

The event has been organised to facilitate the encounter between professionals and to talk in concrete terms of real applications of the blockchain technology in Fintech, through short presentations by: Alessandro Saglimbeni from Blockchainlab; Luigi Telesca from Trakti and Giovanni Contini from Euklid. Furthermore, it has been an occasion to know more professionals from the local Fintech community, to share opinions, news, ideas in an informal environment.

Do not miss out more insights about Blockchain, especially interviews recorded during the Fintech-Up, soon to be available on out website, youtube channel and our socials.

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