Interlogica organized the first Bitcoin Meetup Venice, in order to spread knowledge on the bitcoin cryptocurrency and the revolution that it is bringing in the technological, financial and social sectors.

The Venetian event, at the Co-working Testolini Open, has met the needs of a wide range of users: from beginners, curious to explore for the first time in the world of cryptocurrencies, the most experienced, eager to delve deeply into issues the possible applications, the limits and new research on bitcoin.

The event was entirely recorded to facilitate the divulgation of the topics covered; following the text we published all the videos of the talks, also collected in a playlist on our You Tube channel.

Dario Pizzato (CEO of the company Easy PC srl) has kick started the event with the talk “Bitcon from mining to the exchanger. Miners vs Exchanger who will decide the hard fork “. From Blockchain, the technology behind the cryptocurrency, to the Wallet, ‘digital place’ needed to keep the digital currencies; from Mining, the process to validate the transactions, to  the Exchanger, subjects that allow you to buy or sell bitcoins. Pizzato has explained clearly and in details all the technical aspects of using the bitcoin and at the end introduced a hot topic on its recent developments: the division into two factions of the bitcoiners community.

The subject was then deepened by Christian Nyumbayire (blockchain expert at Interlogica and  Yobicash creator) with the talk “Two Bitcoins?”. He has deepened the reasons behind the existence of two different factions – bitcoin core and bitcoin unlimited – explaining how the scalability represents a major limitation of cryptocurrencies, and how this division is an attempt to find a solution to this limit.

The topic on bitcoin unlimited and decentralization of the monetary system was further explored with Mirco Romanato’s talk (User Expert in decentralized systems) “Bitcoin Unlimited and the Emerging Consensus“.

Guido Pascotto (Publisher and co-founder of Inbitcoin Ltd.)  held the last talk on “Inbitcoin valley: Trentino case study, questions and answers,”. He spoke about the exceptional development of bitcoin in Rovereto, where traders and entrepreneurs are effectively using the digital currency also for the simplest of daily tasks like paying a coffee!

As evidence of the conversion of paper money simplicity in digital currency, the Inbitcoin founders have brought an ATM that has been active throughout the evening allowing participants to buy bitcoins with a few simple steps.

Finally, Marco Amadori (CEO Inbitcoin) and Franco Cimatti (President of Bitcoin Foundation Italy), joined the speakers in an interesting debate for an in-depth conversation on the topics covered during the evening, and answered numerous questions from the public.

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For now, enjoy the videos!