Tomorrow, Tuesday 17th September in Milanthe 8th meeting of People Club will be hosted by Talent Garden. The event is called “Data Driven Organisation and AI”. Such event gathers HR Managers of medium and big companies to discuss relevant themes for the human resources universe. Interlogica will be there, explaining more about “Data and People” and the creation of value for people using new technologies and data.

Data and automation are one of the biggest and current important working points – and not just for the HR world.  The current scenery is witnessing a fast growth from the digital perspective which is reflecting on the working world and on the HR domain (currently facing a big revolution in the past few years).

During the day there will be talks about the culture of data and the importance of making the HR space more data-driven by using tool such as HR Analytics and the impact AI is having in managing processes.

What will be the next challenges for companies regarding Automation and the revolution of Artificial Intelligence?

How will HR professionalism and awareness change about such transformations and which will be the consequences for the employees and for the candidate experience?

Interlogica will explain more around the impact of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in the recruitment space with the talk on: “Chatbots: AI and Data for a new recruitment”.
Doing a good job is one of the most important parts of a recruiter’s job and we need to consider they are constantly facing new challenges given by a market which is changing in a fast way.
Chatbots are indeed a very useful tool especially as they can repeat the same operation a million times, like gathering applications, having the first screening call with the candidates etc. In this way, the first phase of a recruiter’s job is automated, making him/her focus more on other components of the job.
This tool also allows the chance of gathering and analyzing different data on applications in real time. This can be done by monitoring through only one instrument several moments of the recruitment process whilst giving metrics about different candidates regarding automated screenings.

Taking part at the People Club event becomes a way for learning more, sharing know how and experiences with other experts in front of a big public.

People Club: Data Driven Organization & AI
September 17th, 2019
2.30 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.

Talent Garden / Green House
Via Arcivescovo Calabiana 6,
20139 Milan

Chatbots: AI and Data for a new recruitment