Engaged in several advanced IT projects and events, Interlogica sponsored:

  • D-Nest/International Inventors Exhibition’s in October, 2016
  • PGDay 2016 in December, 2016
  • ESC in September, 2016

In October 2016, Interlogica started to support the Museum of working historical computers (MusIF) staff, just to let them focus exclusively on research projects.

Interlogica’s commitment aims to underline the high value of technical long-term activities of the Museum.
“Our company is actively involved in the IT world: from software development to IT education and from Informatics awareness to IT history and Agile culture.

We believe in the value of restoring and maintaining historical computers. That’s why we are supporting the passionate guys of MusIF. Several times I read about the guys’ hardship to achieve atable fixed-charge coverage. I think, the high technical skills invested in such a museum should not be undermined, but rewarded instead. Our support aims to provide MusIF guys with the chance to focus on their research projects and make the Museum prosper without funding concerns. We hope they will work hard and reach their goals” – says Alessandro Fossato, CEO of Interlogica.

Recently, an article about MusIF was published on an online italian newspaper, IlFattoQuotidiano.it. See more on the following link:


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