Considering the amazing success its first edition had, the Agile Milano Meetup is back on Wednesday 30th October, from 6:30 pm at the same place – Spazio Open.

Two important speakers, Valerio Alba and Roberto Pezza, an in-depth roundtable and the usual networking light dinner are the key ingredients for an evening which will be entirely focussed on entrepreneurs.

The concept of leadership is quite vast and it has different sides to it. Today it is mostly regarded as the “ability to influence the other person”.  We are experiencing a long period of constant and adjustments: the way in which we work is changing and so does the contribution which people bring to it. Companies are facing new challenges but which ones will be the key competences to mobilize the workforce and reach the apex of success?

Valerio Alba, an Agile Coach, will kick the evening off with his talk about “Manifold Leadership” in which ideas such as the evolution of the leadership concept, what a leader does and how to recognize the different leadership models will be analyzed, evaluating which ones are more effective in different contexts and situations. This ability is a fundamental competence to enable the performance in a modern organization, regardless of whether principles and “agile” practices will be implemented or not.

Roberto Pezza, CEO and Co-Founder of, whilst talking on “Agile Leadership: not just leadership…”, a speech that he describes ironic and not politically correct, will explore the difficulties faced by leaders in the new Agile context – a methodology which a growing number of businesses is starting now to adopt – and the questions they ask themselves on how to handle teams in the hierarchical chain and how to control and lead whilst using self-organization practices.

There are so many different questions which need an answer:
Do new models of Agile Leadership really exist?
Are there some examples that Agile Leaders can look at for inspiration?
How can people become more effective as Agile Leaders?
How will Leaders of tomorrow look like?

Come and listen to their opinions and share what you think during the roundtable, the “dynamic” phase of our Agile Milano Meetup, which will allow a real dive-in and dialogue amongst all the people there.

The Meetup will keep its usual informal spirit and it will be open to all the Agile practitioners and to those who want to further investigate and get to know such context in a more detailed way.
Agile can be adopted in every single business function – it needs to be adapted and tailored accordingly and Interlogica, with such meetup sessions aim at further deepening the knowledge of such culture, not just from a “software perspective”.

Places are limited so, to reserve yours, click on the button below.


Leader is as leader does,
October 30th, 2019

From 6:30 pm networking light lunch
19.15 talk
21:00 roundtable
22:00 end of the event
Mandatory Light lunch 16€

Viale Montenero 6
20135 Milan

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in collaboration with
Ca’ Foscari Alumni Milano
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