The third Venetian Bitcoin Meetup has registered an unprecedented number of participants. The very positive result that this cryptocurrencies Meetup has obtained gave to Interlogica, the organizer of the event, a reason to continue with their divulgation mission on each and every subject that can be considered as a relevant piece of news, while always respecting their strong beliefs in ethical hacking.

Over 300 people participated during Prof. Ferdinando Ametrano lecture, who is one of the leading experts in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. The event was held in the Mainardi hall, inside the Scientific Campus of Ca’ Foscari University.


Just a few days after the economic blow that cryptocurrencies have taken, the topic has become the talk of town once again. A lively and informal exchange of information during the aperitif managed to charge up everyone’s expectations for the upcoming formal event.

“Bitcoin: The Digital Rush” – inspired by the Italian documentary directed by Paolo Aralla, coming out this summer – discovers the ongoing economic revolution, which is destabilizing the current monetary systems.

The brief introduction by Nicola Barozzi, Interlogica’s Business Developer and co-organizer of the event, who, riding the wave of the trendy hashtags #interlogicameetup and #bitcoinvenezia, excited the spirit of every member of the public.

Ferdinando Maria Ametrano, professor at the Bicocca University of Milan, took the stage and captured everybody’s attention in just a few minutes. “It’s not a currency” – Ametrano said right at the beginning – “Bitcoin is digital gold, which is better than real gold; it’s not centralized and in the future, even though it might be surpassed by more advanced cryptocurrencies, it still won’t be considered obsolete”.

A simple but clear presentation, with scientific precision on the current digital values. At the end of the discussion, two more voices pitched in, coming from two famous experts like Franco Cimatti, president of “Bitcoin foundation Italy”, who managed to make a fortune with bitcoins, and Marco Amadori, “serial businessman” with his well-known and innovative “Inbitcoin” startup in Rovereto (north Italy). The participation of these two figures started a very interesting and lively Q&A session.

At the end of the Meetup, one thing was clear: the digital rush has begun, and, as hard as one may try, it cannot be stopped.

Full video of event.