Interlogica is pleased to announce it has joined DITEDI, the Digital Technology District that represents Friuli Venezia Giulia’s digital enterprises and is the entity appointed by the Regional Administration to drive the ICT Cluster.

In the current year, FVG will record +3.8 percent growth – according to an estimate by Confindustria Fvg. Such positive trends in the indicators underlie the real challenge, which is to turn this momentum into a structural one. The aim is to achieve sustainable conditions, including financial, for small and medium-sized enterprises, and compete in an economy that is no longer territorial but increasingly international.

This is a relevant context for Interlogica’s strategy, thereby consolidating its presence in one of Italy’s fast-growing Regions in the ICT sector.

The agreement entails joining DITEDI’s cluster of companies to support the improvement of competitiveness and the growth of enterprises thanks to the technical skills in software development and complex architecture areas, in the cybersecurity field and in digital consulting.

At a time in history when Italian companies will have to employ all the necessary skills–starting with technological ones–to seize major opportunities, Interlogica both increases its presence in strategic sectors and also acts as a vehicle for development in the network by making its know-how available.

A chance for growth to enrich operations and make a solid impact on the value generation of members, which will benefit from Interlogica’s innovative contribution.