Interlogica has always been inclined to tighten and implement relationships of value with the cultural environment and the university system. On these premises a partnership agreement has been concluded with Ca’ Foscari Alumni part of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, the first business school in Italy, and the second in Europe.

This agreement is the natural result of a path that Interlogica recognises to be part and parcel of its own evolution. The digital phase that we are experiencing, in fact, leads to undertake increasingly close and integrated collaborative pathways between companies and academia, as a source of research and innovation.
The constant dialogue with the University has become a distinctive feature of the ecosystem of the company that has long involved Ca’ Foscari in its initiatives and activities, ranging from technology to contemporary culture: significant events in the national panorama such as the Bitcoin/Blockchain Meetup, and the recent workshop on the Trinity of Management® method held by Ernesto Sirolli, one of the world’s leading experts in economic development and designer of this innovative approach to corporate facilitation.

Ca’ Foscari Alumni, the association that aggregates and interconnects the former students of the University Ca’ Foscari, is based on values and approaches that distinguish it as a modern organization able to offer support in a transversal way to the territorial business fabric. The association stands as a connector between the University and the companies, putting many graduates into the network and also favoring job-placement.

Today, Interlogica wants to maintain its mission and reinforce that fruitful dialogue that over the years has helped to create a consolidated system of external relations, officially becoming a supporter of Ca’ Foscari Alumni.
Culture is a decisive driver for the modern economy and Interlogica has long been cutting a role as promoter in our territory.