As we gaze into the future, Interlogica is actively pursuing a path to become a regenerative force. We are dedicated to attaining recognition as a Benefit Corporation, a milestone we anticipate achieving in the near future. Concurrently, we are making proactive strides toward obtaining B Corp certification. Although it may take a year or two, we are actively engaged in discussions and preparing for this cultural and business transformation.

Becoming a B Corp is not just a surface-level change. It means using business as a regenerative force to make a positive impact on society, the environment, and the economy. It goes beyond the traditional focus on profits and instead prioritizes creating value for all stakeholders. To achieve BCorp certification, a company must meet rigorous standards across five macro areas: governance, community, customers, people, and the environment. This requires ongoing and cross-cutting action across the entire corporate ecosystem.

A Benefit Society is a type of company under Italian law that explicitly pursues purposes of common benefit as well as profit. This means that our company’s Articles of Incorporation will include a social objective that guides our activities towards creating value while preserving our mission even through changes in leadership or capital increases.

This journey towards regenerative business involves everyone in our company. It requires a shift in mindset and approach to the market, considering Stakeholders as integral parts of our business. We must reimagine the way we have always done things and strive to constantly improve our impact.

By becoming a Benefit Corporation and achieving B Corp certification, we will have the opportunity to explore a new economy founded on Stakeholder equality. We are enthusiastic about taking this stride towards becoming a regenerative company and take pride in the work that lies ahead. We believe that this change is necessary and we are committed to promoting this direction with the hashtag #UnlockTheChange.