InterlogicaHUB has been created to collect all the Interlogica’s events. The idea behind it is that of giving an overall view of the cultural impact Interlogica has on its surrounding area with events and Meetups.

The society is in continuous evolution, and so are the methods to approach it, giving greater importance to those projects using different languages and codes. The Agile philosophy, for example, a business culture that answers to the needs of connecting people and competencies, to make the working processes more fluid. Or the cryptocurrencies, the technologies molding our way of transferring value. A common thread is their characteristic of being spaces for dialogue, for sharing passions, for cultural growth and being a networking between people.


With this in mind, the partnership with the Sirolli Institute and Dr. Ernesto Sirolli was signed with the first of a series of events, dedicated to entrepreneurs. The “Evolution Management Days” are two days to understand and learn the Trinity of Management©, which is a method, created by Dr. Sirolli, that has earned him eulogies and successes all around the globe.

Recapping, InterlogicaHUB starts its activities highlighting its network of relations within its surrounding area. Its aim is to create a facilitator, freely available to businessmen, who are willing to use Dr. Sirolli’s method to evolve their companies.