Interlogica activates an educational project aimed at young generations, dedicated to the understanding and development of new technologies.
The company has decided to join a training program of the Institute ITIS Zuccante of Venice-Mestre, which involves a large group of students, 4th and 5th year (equivalent of year 13 and above in the UK schooling system), in the development of technological applications that respond to practical needs that can enter in the daily and professional reality.

The company, through its professionals, enters school concretely – from February to June 2019 – in order to mentor by putting in the field its skills in the Blockchain technology. The project aims to provide pupils with the tools to create a shared block register using Hyperledger’s open source technology, with the ultimate goal of marking the results.
A system that combines practical activity with the updating of the professional skills of the students. In this way it is possible to create a solid network between school and entrepreneurial world, which allows to enrich Zuccante students’ CVs, guaranteeing a greater integration between school and work.

The project carried out by Interlogica is part of a broader framework of initiatives that also include the realization of a mobile application for the school bar (an app that can be potentially used by all institutes), a Telegram bot for the publication of the institute’s news retrieved from the school website and from the online register application, and finally two websites, one for internal and another for external use.

So it continues, thus, Interlogica commitment in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, started last year with the partnership to ISF – Informatics Sans Frontièrs – in the promotion of socially active and sustainable behaviors with a positive impact on the community in which they are inserted.