Interlogica presents “4Energy”, its Energy Management platform, to the tenth anniversary of the “UAE Car Free Day” event organized by the Dubai Municipality, which counts about 30,000 employees. A nodal event for the city, attended by a large delegation of governmental and semi-governmental bodies in the UAE area.

The “UAE Car Free Day” initiative was introduced for the first time by the Municipality of Dubai in 2010, and is considered to be the most important of its kind in the Region. The goal is to make Dubai a globally sustainable city and to demonstrate its commitment to international environmental conventions on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and limiting air pollution.

The initiative has evolved exponentially over the years thanks to the involvement from various public sectors and positive feedback from the community. Within just a few years the number of participants has quintupled while the number of vehicles staying off the road during the no-drive day has risen to about 30,000 units. This joint effort has contributed to a significant reduction in the impact of CO2 in Dubai.

The EMS platform that Interlogica is introducing in this context is equipped with a technology that guarantees reduction of the energy impact, thereby contributing to obtaining a less polluted air and a better environment to live in as a result.

The “4Energy” Energy Management System solution can be used both in outdated and newly-constructed buildings to monitor energy consumption and implement strategies of efficiency, features that make it particularly appealing even for the UAE market.

“UAE Car Free Day”
February 24, 2019
Dubai Municipality