The 2° Venice Bitcoin Meetup saw the participation of a lot of Blockchain enthusiasts, coming from the province but also from outside the Veneto. On the 29th of November 2017, at the tennis club in Mestre, around a hundred people showed up to collect new ideas from the series of presentation that followed the aperitif.


After the opening speech by Nicola Barozzi – co-organizer and coordinator for the event as well as Business Developer for Interlogica – 6 speakers have discussed the fields of application and the data behind the Blockchain projects of the last few years. Alessandro Fossato, Interlogica’s CEO, introduced the different presentations, proposing to collaborate in the realization of an international project that requires the application of the Blockchain, to improve the lives of thousands of people from the third world.

From “Diana: the archaic Blockchain” to themes such as Blockchain and ICO, different speakers took the floor, presenting their projects and their researches.

The only person who improvised his speech was Nicola Vaccari, who captivated the audience by talking about his Inbitcoin society, explaining how a micro ecosystem of businesses using Bitcoin for all types of transaction is growing as of late.

Bitcoin Valley is being created between Trento and Bolzano, thanks to Nicola and his associate’s entrepreneurial project.

After the main event was over, there have been some interesting questions and discussions, even though the atmosphere heated up a bit after the improvised speeches by Mirco RomanatoChristian Nyumbayire and Marco Amadori. Specifically, some topics that were discussed by Mirco Romanato have called for a reply by Marco Amadori, who wanted to correct some inaccuracies. In addition, Marco Amadori talked about the “green” side of Bitcoin as well as how Bitcoin cannot be considered as a cryptocurrency only, because there’s a lot more hiding behind this system.