From September 6th it will be possible to download for free the white paper “The best startups to find a job and to improve HR processes” published by Startup Geeks.

In the e-book an overview of the main trends in the world of work, an introduction supported by data on the HR Tech sector in Italy and a selection of the best startups. Listed inside our HR-Suite, the complete digital solution that includes Lyza, the chatbot recruiter, the People Development platform BigUp! and the Applicant Tracking System Hirebop.

The revolution in selection process and management of human resources has been underway for some time, but what are the real changes that are taking place nowadays?

Digitization is changing the kind of skills that the companies require, making it even more difficult not only for the selection process, but also for the candidates to achieve those skills that are not yet taught in Italian Universities.

Human resources professionals are working to embed the traditional selection model with more accurate technologies to make the selection processes and the management of people faster, limpid and coherent with the needs of the market.
At the same time, given new digital platforms, it’s easy to grant the exchange of feedback, the assessment of skills and the use of so-called People Analytics.

In fact, technologies such as the HR-Suite are implementing a real transformation in improving the entire ecosystem of people’s selection and management processes, also modifying the very way of living within a company, creating a healthy and positive work environment with extremely competent people.

“The best startups to find a job and to improve HR processes”
published by Startup Geeks
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