LEASEPLAN: an intranet portal to manage different business needs


LEASEPLAN: an intranet portal to manage different business needs

A solution for your B2B channel

The unstoppable dynamism of the global market brings new customer needs and keeping up with those ones becomes harder and harder.

Millions of transactions, operations and activities occur every second, and managing such an amount of information is impossible if we use traditional methods.

Indeed, it wouldn’t be simple to analyze billions of data per second using off-line methods. For this reason, even the automotive sector tries to rapidly bridge the technological gap to respond to new market needs.

That’s our secret: the ability to rapidly process millions and billions of data that we provide to the customers with maximum precision. Could you imagine that, in a single minute, thousand or even millions of quotations can be processed all over the world? In the automotive industry and specifically in the long-term rental (LTR), this can happen easily, with online applications that were inconceivable a decade ago.

The digital transformation process, which involves many enterprises, has made IT a fundamental support, even in LTR for the B2B channel.

An example of this might be LeasePlan quotation system, developed by Interlogica, which represented the link between the LTR companies and the brokers (the contract intermediary).


The new Leaseplan’s takeover needs to manage the broker’s indirect channel to allow them to perform online quotations.


While the web application allows to satisfy the starting needs, its evolutions permit the creation of a new portal for the management of multiple quotations as well as other business needs.

LeasePlan’s IQ (Internet Quotation System), developed by Interlogica, has become famous in the broker world because, as reported by employees involved in quotation activities – :” it’s accurate, safe, quick and easy to use when compared to other similar products”.

It has been defined as the system’s “pillar” inside LeasePlan, since it represents the main solution to manage brokers’ quotation activities and prospects.

The IQ application provides an answer for the web interface need and can be used by the internal and external sales force to make quotations.

The quotation system connects to a complex calculus engine and its interface is easy to use – as reported by the employees.

The evolution of this application is represented by IQ3, an intranet portal that provides new features, thanks to the development of specific modules, each one related to different business areas.

Indeed, among the new softwares inside IQ3, we can find many modules.

One of them manages the order confirmation and is known as POC. This feature provides a communication assistance tool for those companies that want to control and communicate vehicle delivery update to the customer.

Tender’s management for corporate vehicles supply represents a strategic node. In addition, it allows to streamline workflow and grant discounts for orders exceeding a certain amount. This is advantage in terms of profit margin and amount of vehicles requested for rental, an element that is not taken into consideration in standard quotations.

Further support in tender’s management is provided by QLab: a strategic cornerstone reached by IQ3 that affects operators performances.

QLab represents an excellent example of an Agile planned and developed project. It answers the need to simultaneously create and manage multiple quotation predictions, based on different parameters, inside IQ3, which used to allow for only one quotation at a time.

The evolution from IQ to IQ3 enabled companies to become more flexible and capable of responding to the constant business changes, while also enabling them to preempt market trends with innovative products in the LTR niche.

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