TICKETONE: a more intuitive multi-channel platform

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TICKETONE: a more intuitive multi-channel platform

A new Ux for a front row “ticket”

Even in Italy the e-commerce is rising up to the top, with a yearly sales volume that is constantly growing.

This trend shows a significant change in the purchase experience of customers, who are veering towards the omni-channel funnel.

A strong synergy is growing between online and offline channels which enables customers to interact with different brands through shop and online purchases.

Among the 10 leading world merchant sectors, where the purchase of durables (e.g. cars, refrigerators) prevails, we can find the presence of concerts and sports tickets, representing the 32% of the market share coming right after travel tickets, books/CDs, dresses, IT and electronic devices.

TicketOne is the leading italian online ticketing platform where customers can purchase concerts, shows, sports and entertainment tickets.

In order to increase the service appeal in Italy, the company decided to adapt the platform’s user experience to the customers’ real needs.

TicketOne commissioned Interlogica with the study and development of a new online ticketing features to better manage sports events.

A more distinctive and intuitive interaction between each football team and the online platform users is the idea behind the new features.


TicketOne’s innovative strategy allows for a fine-tuning of the User Experience to the real needs of the customers.


An advanced User Experience provides TicketOne with a successful upsell phase to maintain its positioning and the company’s customers with a more fluid purchase funnel.

This project allowed Interlogica to draw fromits frontend and user experience know-how. For this reason, the creation of a multidisciplinary team is more than justified: the array of skills make easier face critical aspects.

Thanks to the Interlogica’s work, TicketOne was able to actualize its strategic integration between the purchase of tickets from its website to that of the football team.

On one hand, the customers advantages are quite visible, since this method grants a more fluid purchase funnel;

On the other, this has brought about great disadvantages to foreign competitors that are attracted by the italian online ticketing market, but they cannot enter into it until the football team membership is removed.

For a long time, the membership has been a market entry barrier for many international ticketing companies that wanted to gain new shares.

Indeed, that membership has represented one of the first tools for football companies to improve customer loyalty. Furthermore, this system provided the chance to verify and easily identify the supporters, thanks to the direct connection with central police stations.

This necessity has made the italian online ticketing market quite unappealing, and has led TicketOne to become the undisputed market leader.

However, now it’s clear, the membership will be eliminated in the next 3 years and competitors are going to swarm in from all sides.

Notwithstanding this, TicketOne won’t lose its market leadership, thanks to its strategy which aimed at improving its upsell phase.

Even though tickets sale represent the core business, new commercial strategies have emerged, providing additional services and products, such as:

  • merchandising – custom caps, t-shirts, mascot puppets and gadgets;
  • vip services – priority access to the stadium, the lounge bar and the wraparound terrace;
  • parking services – parking reservation and parking fast track.

Loyalty programs and promotions give to users the access to these additional services, and becoming the main means by which is easier to collect valuable data and get analytics on consumers behaviour.

These optional services are relevant if they are integrated in a structured business strategy which combines ticketing, e-commerce and authentication services.

For this reason, an intermediate layer was created between the frontend and all the systems that managed contents, contacts, e-commerce, accounting and back-office.

The strategic restructuring of the sale process drives TicketOne to keep its leading role in the italian market and determine its success in the medium and long-term.

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