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The evolution of Interlogica from a tech background to a tied system of business companies was possible thanks to the willingness of the group to continuously reshape the concept of its organization.
The reshaping took place by working closely with those people who are experts of the business world and who are part of its evolution and innovation.

Interlogica’s model was shaped by three fundamental concepts:

Organizational model

We are projected towards the future and the future requires greater agility in internal organization.
Our “tactical set-up” is increasingly a “flat” structure with few hierarchical divisions, a wide level of control and specialization, understood as a division of roles, work and team.


We adopt this framework of Agile based on incremental and iterative work that allows to produce the maximum value for the customer in a short time.
Each project is then divided into small stages with different priority levels, so that in every work cycle, called “Sprint”, the most important parts are given high priority from the outset, in order to create value for the client from the beginning of the project.

Scrum of Scrum

We adopt this Scrum practice to quickly scale information within the company.
The Scrum of Scrum is a 15-minute long, weekly meeting done to keep everyone updated on the company’s current situation and on issues encountered in different teams. Every team, at the end of their Daily Scrum, chooses its ambassador who attends the Scrum of Scrum and reports the progress, plans and problems detected by the team.

No team leader

We produce value that is given by the collaboration between people, that’s why teams are self-organized and indipendent in the organization and development of each project. A minimum of 3 to a maximum of 9 peers, with different skills and knowledge, in order to run every project, even the most complex, in the most efficient way. This system is based on an equal distribution of responsibilities and fosters the growth of every member inside the organization.


The Guilds are organized meetings aimed at sharing knowledge and promoting experimentation with new models and technologies. This system born out of the need to share knowledge and culture among the various communities of practice within the company, which are invited to meet regularly.
In a Gilda meeting we can easily shift the discussion from the Arduino open hardware to different software languages ​​or new trends in the IT world.

Big Up!

Big Up! is based on real merit and on self-assessment among colleagues. A cultural revolution in the allocation of company bonuses that are no longer based on the classic definition of goals or KPIs, as well as the absence of any directive or regulatory structure inside the company.
We promote the concept of collaboration and the fact that it is people, not statisticians, who value people.

Filippo Cavallarin - Tech Culture
TedX: Ernesto Sirolli
Agile Glossary: Sprint
Filippo Cavallarin - Tech Culture
TedX: Ernesto Sirolli
Agile Glossary: Sprint