L’Agile Venezia Meetup si trasferisce a Milano per la sua VII edizione, realizzata in collaborazione con Ca’ Foscari Alumni Milano, e mette al centro il concetto di “cantiere”.

Agile Venice Meetup is going to Milan for its 7th edition. It is done in collaboration with Ca’Foscari Alumni Milano and it brings on the table the idea of “factory”.
“Cantiere Agile” is an exchange of ideas and opinions about a non-static concept of Agile, a concept that is constantly changing and shaping. It is a way for sharing ideas from the present and the future together with speakers such as Matteo Carella and Fabio Ghislandi, with Officina Agile being the moderator of the evening.

The event is hosted by Open Milano on Wednesday, 5th June. Such location allows keeping the usual ritual of welcoming our guests (with “apericena”, some drinks and nibbles) to establish a networking atmosphere which entirely relies on agility.

Fabio GhislandiAgile Coach, kicks the event off. He will talk about “How to organize a business which learns in 4 moves” as, the constant learning through either technology or other domains, is an essential condition we need to fulfill innovation. Guilds, Camp, Community life and Technical Coaching are the 4 moves experienced at Intré in a never-ending series of experiments.

Matteo CarellaAgile Coach, will introduce the concept of complex organizations. “A new theory of change” can be applied in a context which continuously evolves under non-predictable influences. Many ways of approaching change give for granted that the environment is stable, with no interferences and with a margin of controllability which absolutely differs from reality!

After the speeches, the public will discuss their views and Matteo Betti and Emanuel Marzini will moderate them. They both work at Officina Agile, the first podcast in Italy which offers ideas and food for thoughts on mindsets and Agile methodologies.

Agile Milano Meetup keeps the informal style of the Venetian events as it is open for all Agile people or to whom is interested in finally learning more about this topic.
Agile can be easily applied to all business domains, keeping in mind adjustments and precautions. Interlogica, through these events, keeps expanding on this culture whilst looking at all its different sides – not just “software”.

Limited number seats, please click on the button below to get yours.


Cantiere Agile
June 5th, 2019
6.30 – 10.00 p.m.

Open Milano
Viale Montenero 6
20135 Milan

Event organized by IntergicaHUB
in collaboration with Ca’ Foscari Alumni Milano
Media partner Notizie.it