Opening the evening was Marco Dussin, bearded IT engineer and Ux dreamer, with his Business for punklecture, structured around eight track of a “outside the ordinary” playlist, that contained major bands like: The Ramones, Sex Pistols, The Clash, J. Watt and Brewdog. Going through the chronicles of each american and english boy band, Marco, explained how many of the ‘70s and 8’s punk bands had already unconsciuosly applied many of the principles that today we define as agile.

The lecture ended with the story of two young scottish entrepreneurs and of their dog, who have managed to change the rules of business in the beer world.

Of course, we’re talking about the creators of the Brewdog trademark, a handmade beer for which unconventional advertising methods have been exploited: from crowdfunding campaigns to cynical out-of-the-box commercials.

Their tale serves to demonstrate that their company growth was based on agile principles: that is, through different iterations that have led t steady improvement.

The next speech, given by Ivano Masiero, freelance IT engineer, focused on brainstorming methods with the lecture entitled Rapid prototyping for designing an extraordinary business strategy.

The examination was born out of brainstorming moments: often, we find ourselves in different circumstances in which different ideas are shared and produced but that lead to “nothing at all” and that are felt as stalemates.  This perception derives from the fact that sharing every decision is seen as more important than the act of choosing and reaching a final output, and this transfixes tame product owners into authoritative and devilish product managers.

To give a better understanding of what was explained through theory, Ivano, dividing every  meetup participant in small groups, engaged them in an instant-gaming that finds its roots n the Double diamond process.

The game consisted in testing a working method that was spaced out between divergent and converging phases, bringing together design thinking and structured decision making tools.

The goal? Create a prototype that blended a smart way of converging and diverging, towards a practical, concrete and feasible solution.

If reading this article has made you interested, why not check out the streaming of Marco and Ivano’s lectures on our twitter channel. Enjoy the video! We hope to see you at the next Meetup!

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