On Monday 18th November Interlogica will be in the Italian city of Udine as one of the guests during the event “The future of work. Artificial Intelligence amongst false myths and reality”. Interlogica will be expressing its point of view on Artificial Intelligence whilst delivering a speech on “AI: pride and prejudice”.
The event is one of the different meet-ups organized by Unicorn Trainers Club, a point of reference for entrepreneurs, investors and technology and innovation enthusiasts.

Many debates will take place and the evening will analyze the real impact of Artificial Intelligence technology on the way we study, work, organize, create and compete amongst ourselves.

Pamela Adediwura, Marketing and Communication Specialist at Interlogica, will explain the way in which using an AI solution can change the business logic, the way in which it is organized and the way work is being carried out. Which evaluations should we take into consideration before and after choosing such a solution? What are the mistakes to avoid or handle in the way human beings and machines interact?

Artificial Intelligence has already started  a revolution in our daily life: from economic transactions to medical diagnosis up to interpersonal relations. These are all changes that seem to make our lives better although there is a shared concern that visualizes apocalyptic scenarios where machines will steal jobs to human beings. Do we really need to fear competition against robots?

During the event, the following speakers will also be there: Dayana Mejias Roman – Principal Expert in Negotiation & Conflict Resolution in The European House Ambrosetti, Luca Heltai – High Performance Computing Master Director at SISSA, Corrado Panzeri – Innovation and Technology Hub Manager at The European House and Member for the MiSE Technical Committee for the National Strategic Plan for Artificial Intelligence development, Federico Dubini – Founder & COO Yobs, Rosilari Bellacosa – Founder SynDiag Software, Luca Porcari – Founder and President of RPA Italy.

The evening can be seen as a moment for sharing and improving your knowledge whilst contributing to build an informed and responsible technological ecosystem which will generate relevant comparisons amongst all parties about innovation.

The future of work. Artificial Intelligence amongst false myths and reality.
Monday 18th November 2019
from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Unicorn Trainers Club
Viale Ledra 108, Udine

AI: pride and prejudice
Pamela Adediwura, Marketing & Communication Specialist