Interlogica in Brussels for “TUNE – Territory Utilities Network” the project promoted by Ascotrade that involves all the companies revolving in the ecosystem of the Ascopiave group.
“Tune Veneto” is a network of companies born less than a year ago that relates different utilities in the same territory united by the desire to “make team” in a concrete and efficient way.

A delegation at the Bip-House of the Capital Region is introducing the event “What role is played by public utilities in the European energy transition?” with the aim of accessing the funds of the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union for research and innovation.

The projects presented in the Belgian city concern the design of systems able to exploit the latest technologies and meet the needs of the community in terms of innovation  – energy creation, digitisation of services, buildings energy efficiency and e-mobility. Interlogica contributes with the presentation of a dynamic Big Data system that allows having a virtual model, usable by the TUNE single companies and by the citizens themselves for the smart and sustainable management of the territory.

All the main points of “TUNE-Territory Utilities Network” will be then discussed during the meeting with the representatives of TUNE, the members of the institutions, the delegates of the innovation and the community, the members of the European Parliament, the administrators of energy, environment, constructions and solar platforms.

Another goal reached that projects Interlogica as a reference company also in the context of utilities.