Get ready for an amazing Code in the Dark event coming up! This year promises to be even more fantastic, packed with surprises, and it’s going to be an explosive blend of competition, creativity, and fun. The event is taking it up a notch, bringing together the coding world with the excitement of gaming for an exceptional tech-focused experience!

In the well-loved Game Area, we have two exciting new additions: Street Fighter Tournament and Metal Mayhem.

Street Fighter Tournament: Battle for Supremacy

A real blast from the past – the Street Fighter Tournament at Code in the Dark. Thanks to the passion of the guys at Coin-Op Project, who have been treating us to the vintage charm of those legendary arcade cabinets for years, this year’s Game Area will be at the heart of the action with an unforgettable tournament.
Who will rise as the undisputed champion, showcasing classic combos and expertly executed special moves? It’s the ultimate gaming experience, complete with vibrant graphics, original CRT screens, and the familiar clatter of the arcade buttons accompanying every move. Immerse yourself in an authentic arcade mode, ready to wrestle and defeat each and every opponent.

This is a must for aficionados of classic arcade and fighting games, where nostalgia and excitement converge into a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Metal Mayhem: Where Humans and Robots Collide, Powered by Interlogica

Our latest exciting announcement is the feature of “Metal Mayhem” an electrifying video game meticulously crafted and designed by our very own Interlogica programmers. A pixel art project packed with action and adrenaline that will have you hooked to the screen. Engage in epic battles as rebels fighting for survival, all within an unparalleled gaming adventure.

Immerse yourself in a captivating backstory:

In a neon-soaked dystopian future where technology and anarchy collide, only the strongest will rise victorious.
Immerse yourself in a visual masterpiece that marries cutting-edge graphics with nostalgic pixel art, transporting you to a future that pays homage to the glory days of arcade gaming. From neon-lit back alleys to towering skyscrapers crumbling in the wake of your devastation, every frame is a work of art that encapsulates the essence of a bygone era.
As the heavy metal soundtrack surges through your veins, propelling you forward in the relentless pursuit of justice, you'll experience a rush like no other. The stakes are high, the challenges are relentless, and the adrenaline-fueled action is non-stop.
Are you ready to enter a realm of Metal Mayhem? The battle cries of fallen warriors echo in the winds, beckoning you to rise as the ultimate champion. Sharpen your blade, charge your energy, and prepare to unleash a storm of unbridled chaos

Don’t miss the chance to join this one-of-a-kind event – it’s going to be an evening packed with thrill, competition, and enjoyment! Bring your competitive edge, and, above all, your party spirit.

For additional details and event registration, please visit the event website.


Code in the Dark 2023 – contest + party
Friday, October 6 | 7 p.m.

ARGO16 (ex Spazio Aereo)
Via delle Industrie, 27/5
30175 Venice-Marghera


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