We are very proud to announce that Interlogica was mentioned in the report: “Market Map: HR-Tech in Italy”. The results were officially presented on 29th January in Turin.

The second observatory on the HR-Tech market has been started and promoted by In-Recruiting and Talent Garden in Milan, that is a very proactive entity in digital development and creators of People Club, an exclusive community whose aim is to promote new digital approaches in the HR space through events and networking.

The survey is a clear picture of HR-Tech, its current status and the trends of this varied space which has a very high level of competitiveness and a constantly growing market. Interlogica is now amongst other companies which have very relevant AI/Machine Learning products for the HR domain – an area which had massive growth in the digital space.

One of our main company focus is to develop a product which helps to answer new needs in recruitment and to help HR professionals in putting people at the very centre of our organisational context.
Interlogica has created a chatbot, a virtual recruiter, which can do the first interview with candidates using just a chat, automating therefore the screening process whilst improving the candidates’ experience with on-demand interviews.

The report was created analysing and mapping 103 businesses which work in the HR-Tech. These are all tech companies which offer software/hardware solutions used by the HR world – Digital HR in Italy. Their turnover, in Italy alone, in 2018, is more than €1b.

Interlogica plays an active and competitive role investing in innovation and development in this big digital HR transformation in Italy.