On Wednesday, April 27, Alessandro Fossato, CEO, and Nicola Barozzi, Business Developer, speak at the Humanistic Enterprise Impact seminar. The event marks Interlogica’s official entry into Albania in front of local authorities and an audience of entrepreneurs, managers and startuppers. The meeting is organized at the Plaza Tirana Hotel by Albania Economia Magazine, the magazine of Italian entrepreneurs in Albania.

Interlogica hereby finds an opportunity to share the approach that has distinguished its growth and development: Digital Humanism.
Opening the event is Alessandro Fossato’s talk, which goes into the key aspects of the humanistic vision of business: the one founded on the awareness that human intelligence is the highest element of expression and competitiveness.

In addition to the theoretical aspects of the Interlogica ecosystem, we also present real case studies. Nicola Barozzi, in fact, bases his talk on a selection of projects involving cutting-edge areas and technologies – Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Confederation, Internet of Things – without neglecting the central role of culture and people in the context of digital transformation.

Other distinguished professionals to speak: Ernesto Sirolli, Founder of the Sirolli Institute and a leading global consultant on economic development, discusses Enterprise Facilitation® and the Trinity of Management; Erion Nako, CEO of Protik ICT Innovation Center, addresses career re-skilling, the approach to coding training, and the world of startups; Ervin Bano, attorney at Tonucci & Partners, talks about the work done in relation to the recent “Fintoken Act” law on the application of Blockchain technology and distributed ledgers (DLT) to financial services and markets.

It was the right opportunity for Interlogica to actually begin an activity to connect with the country and present its culture and expertise in a receptive context such as Albania, which is advanced in terms of digital governance and ready to catch the challenges of digitization with ease.



Humanistic Enterprise Impact
Wednesday, April 27, 2022
H 6 pm – Opening Registration
H 6.30 pm – Networking Cocktail
Hotel Plaza Tirana
Further info: [email protected]