Interlogica and Bancolini Symbol join forces in a strategic partnership to work together on digital transformation projects, leveraging their expertise and resources to deliver innovative solutions that drive efficiency and effectiveness for their clients.

Given their shared interests, Interlogica and Bancolini Symbol have established a productive partnership aimed at expanding their service and solution offerings through the utilization of shared experiences, expertise, and resources. 

Interlogica is a Tech Company with a wealth of experience in creating custom platforms and providing strategic consulting services. Since 1995, we have been developing software solutions that are centered around people, creating shared value and maximizing the return on investment for our clients.

Since 1983, Bancolini Symbol has been helping companies establish a digital environment that prioritizes streamlining, transparency, improved efficiency and speed in processes through integrated solutions. The company has consistently worked closely with its clients throughout their digital transformation journey, providing valuable solutions and services that align with Industry 4.0 processes to create a more human-centered work environment.

As established companies with a wealth of technological expertise, Interlogica and Bancolini Symbol share a common philosophy of Digital Humanism, believing that technology is a powerful tool for empowering individuals to fully express themselves. They also both embrace an Agile approach. Over time, they have built a reputation for being reliable, adaptable, and innovative in their field.

The partnership agreement presents a compelling value proposition to the market, by leveraging the strengths of each party’s individual expertise to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness. This collaboration not only allows for mutual growth but also enables the enhancement and complementarity of each other’s service offerings and support to clients.

Our goal is to look ahead, to explore new opportunities in the market, and to drive innovation. Through this partnership, we have the opportunity to leverage each other’s experience and the unique value that each party can bring by utilizing their respective tools to aid in the digital transformation of businesses and organizations