Interlogica is part of Ascotrade’s Innovation Hub, a company, of Ascopiave group active, in the gas and light market. This group aims to identify the possible applications of innovative technologies to enable the modernization of the entire energy sector.

As a collaborator of Ascotrade’s transition to new energy realities, Interlogica has been invited to a roundtable discussion on issues concerning the future of energy.

The event, part of the initiative of the Veneto energy company “Change view. Think New“, was aimed at presenting the initiatives make the future of energy a reality. Moreover, its goal was also that of understanding the impact of the evolution of energy services on society, cities, businesses, and people.

Around 200 people participated, including local administrators, companies, professional and production figures, and energy experts from various fields of expertise.

A brief presentation by various experts in energy, technology, research and European programs: Andreas Ballhausen Ewe and Solidpower Germany Manager, Furio Barzon Founder and CEO of Green Prefab, Riccardo Basosi of University of Siena, Italian Representative at the Energy Program H2020 EU, Michele Bugliesi dean at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Alessandro Fossato, Interlogica’s Founder and CEO, Francesco Premi Energiesprong Italy, Enzo Risso Scientific Director at SWG.

During a round table the following themes were addressed:

  • centralized management of utilities, which represents multi-utility management, involving the union of multiple users;
  • Green building, energy efficiency and retrofitting for the creation of smart cities.
  • Research and European projects, namely research through the Horizon2020 European project that promotes innovation in a number of areas including renewable energy production, sustainable mobility development, energy efficiency in buildings and others.

Interlogica has participated in the presentation by Alessandro Fossato on the technological innovations that can make the energy sector change. In fact, we have presented three areas of competence that we are developing within our company: the Internet of Things and the collection of Big Data, Blockchain, and Cyber Security.

The event ended with the intervention of Renzo Taffarello, an energy consultant, who talked about the digital transformation induced by the prosumer and wanted by the European Union.

At the bottom of the page, there is a brief video about the highlights of the day of the match held on April 8 at the Infinite Area in Montebelluna.