There is a recent update in the structure of Interlogica. The Shareholders’ Meeting has elected a new Board of Directors consisting of seven members, comprising five partners, one employee, and one individual who is significant in Interlogica’s community of reference (B Corp).

A new operational governance model has been adopted to align the decision-making process of the company with its current and future size, increase efficiency and transparency, and ensure success and competitiveness in achieving strategic goals accurately and promptly.

Delegated Board of Directors

1- Alessandro Fossato, CEO (People, Culture and Communications area delegation) 

2- Fabio Panizzutti, CFO (Finance area delegation)

3- Giovanni Casalone, COO (Operations area delegation)

4- Giorgio Garotta, CMO (Sales area delegation)

5- Isabella Jannuzzi, Impact Manager (delegated to the transformation processes in B Corp)

Board Members

6- Francesco Serventi, Evolution Flow Leader – NATIVA

7- Sandro Barazza, CFO – Eurotech 

The appointment of Isabella Jannuzzi, the first employee to join the Board of Directors as the Impact Manager, and Francesco Serventi (NATIVA) is a clear indication of Interlogica’s transformation into a Benefit Society and B Corp. The official process is expected to commence in September, with the revision of the corporate bylaws and registration as a Benefit Society.

The new board meets quarterly, while the delegated Board of Directors, responsible for ensuring operational continuity and managing the company’s evolving phases, meets more frequently. They involve business functions and communities of practice in defining and managing change.

With its new governance model, Interlogica is now more agile and responsive to daily challenges, equipped to respond promptly and effectively to the stresses arising from a rapidly changing economic and social environment.

We wish the new Board of Directors all the best in their work and extend our gratitude to the outgoing members for their contributions.