ln.Interlogica.it NODE WAS CREATED

Little time has passed by since our Bitcoin Meetup dedicated to Lightning Network and here we are announcing Interlogica has created its first node on the mainnet, the main network. A work of the developers that led in a short time at the opening of one of the approximately 3600 nodes existing throughout the planet, a number which is bound to multiply enormously over time.

Lightning Network is a payment protocol that operates “above” Bitcoin and implements particular types of contracts called Hashed Timelock Contracts (HTLCs) able to allow secure routing of transactions via bidirectional peer-to-peer payment channels.
Its importance lies in the ability to scale Bitcoin, registering on its blockchain only certain transactions, those of channels opening and closing, and letting all the others flow between these, with minor fees and without going through the ledgers. In fact, it is a platform that tries to simplify transactions: greater scalability and speed, and lower commission costs.

Initially released for testnet, Lightning Network, since March 2018, has also undergone further implementation on the mainnet where Interlogica has configured a node and has successfully executed its first transactions. The team followed every necessary step of the way to open the channel: from the installation of bitcoind, a program that implements Bitcoin protocol and allowed to obtain a Bitcoin full-node, to the installation of lightningd – implementation in C of the Lightning Network’s protocol.
It is followed the creation of a Lightning node (identified by a Segwit address in Bech32) through the opening of a channel with another node and currency appropriation.

node Lightning Network

Node ln.interlogica.it in the mainnet

Final step?
The first test transaction on Blockstream.
Interlogica is actually one of the few global realities to have officially entered in the mainnet of Lightning Network, an efficient technology, but still not widespread. Looking above and beyond is one of our goals, and doing it specifically makes us one of the most active players in the contemporary national scenario.

Lightning Network node

Screenshot of the first transaction on Blockstream