Tonight Marco Amadori, Inbitcoin founder, will be guest at “M”, an Italian talk show hosted by Michele Santoro on Rai 3.

The 2018 season of “M” has begun. Santoro’s program is a journey across the themes perceived most urgent and distressing for the Italian citizens.

During each episode, one or more guests will provide food for thought with an original point of view.

One of the main themes of tonight’s episode – 11th of January – is banking, since Giuseppe Bivona, an important figure who has worked for Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs, is going to talk about the Italian Banking Control Department/entities.

The presence of Giuseppe Bivona may figure an episode focused on banks as in people’s minds, but Marco Amadori’s attendance for sure is about to change everybody’s thoughts. Marco Amadori belongs to the new financial era which foresees digital currencies and peer-to-peer value transactions without intermediaries, such as banks.

Marco Amadori, Inbitcoin founder, is a well-known figure for the Interlogica group, because in more than one occasion we have interviewed him to go in-depth on various topics: the first and world-renown cryptocurrency, Bitcoin; the Blockchain, which is the underlying technology of this cryptocurrency and his experience in the Bitcoin Valley, located in Rovereto, northern Italy.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, or digital currency, to have been created and used throughout the Internet without the brokering of banks.

Right after Bitcoin, hundreds of digital currencies have been created, among which one can find: Ethereum, Dogecoin etc.

The creator of the first cryptocurrency is known as Satoshi Nakamoto who, in 2008, managed to put together the best information technologies to develop something unprecedented: an IT system that would allow peer-to-peer value exchange without the mediation of banks.

Since Marco Amadori is a technical expert of both Bitcoin and Blockchain, Marco Amadori has become an influencer among digital financial traders and miners, namely, those computer scientists who have decided to verify the daily transactions that occur on the Blockchains.

If you don’t know who Marco Amadori is, or if you don’t know what his opinion on Bitcoin and Blockchain is, take a look at the video-interview below made during one of the Blockchain Meetups by Interlogica.