MyCreditService the Fintech startup of Interlogica group enables investments collection on the portal. This is a further step after the initial selection on the incubator programme “Magic Wand”.
During the intro webinar for the investors that will take place Tuesday, 13th December at 2:30 pm, the campaign of Equity Crowdfunding will start. This is the official debut on the Italian scene for raising capital.


MyCreditService is a fintech company that has developed a global solution for commercial credit handling. Some of the processes that companies can handle through the platform include risk analysis on clients portfolio, credit quality evaluation, selling entire portfolios on marketplace and automated collection.

It differs from other invoice trading platforms available on global markets as MyCreditService developed a specific technology that allows its clients to:

  • evaluate in real time features and dynamics of payments with debtors. This happens with the help of a proprietary algorithm;
  • demand and obtain from the platform some offers on credit portfolio disinvestments that are then sold on the Marketplace;
  • use collection services to support proceeds. These services are offered on the platform by an AI technology.

The ultimate aim of the campaign is to collect 150k Euros to help sustain the growth plan whilst creating an interesting opportunity for all the investors and possible partners who share an innovative vision of finance 4.0