Interlogica has successfully completed an infrastructure migration process, moving from the previous Mestre facility to a state-of-the-art Data Center in Siziano, equipped with Switch technologies. These innovative technologies have revolutionized Data Center architecture, engineering, technology, and operations, earning an impressive A rating in Greenpeace’s Clicking Clean report.

The new facility, known as SUPERNAP, is a cutting-edge, multi-tenant Data Center that holds three prestigious certifications from the Uptime Institute: Tier IV Facility, Tier IV Design, and Tier IV Gold Operations*. Spanning an expansive area of 100,000 square meters, it stands as Italy’s largest and most advanced Data Center and is renowned as one of the most advanced in all of Europe. The facility is staffed by highly trained professionals who excel in managing and resolving mission-critical operations.

Thanks to SUPERNAP, the company gains the advantage of a top-notch security level that adheres to the highest standards. The advanced automated DDoS protection services provided offer robust defense capabilities, safeguarding clients’ networks against complex cyber attacks like Denial of Service, which can impact a large number of compromised systems. This highly reliable and resilient security solution extends its reach to protected buildings, ensuring round-the-clock security through advanced access protocols.

In addition, the choice of the new Data Center took into consideration its Green focus, as it operates entirely on 100% renewable energy. This remarkable feature positions SUPERNAP as a frontrunner in the industry, particularly in the field of green and sustainable technologies.
This aspect holds great importance for Interlogica, as the company is dedicated to gradually transforming its business and operational model toward a zero-emission economy. This commitment aligns with both the European objectives of climate neutrality and the national goals of ecological transition.

Soon, the activation of the Disaster Recovery site located at the secondary Data Center in Rome will be completed, improving Interlogica’s business continuity.

Interlogica’s transition to its new Data Center is just one of the actions taken to not only comply with regulations and continuously improve its quality management system (ISO 9901:2015) and information security management (ISO 27001), but also to become a more resilient, secure, and sustainable company. These values are reflected in all of the operations, as the company strives to find innovative and eco-friendly solutions that cater to the ever-evolving needs of its customers, suppliers, and the planet. This aligns with the journey to become a Benefit Company and a B Corp.

* The Tier certification standard is a rating system that ranges from 1 to 4, with 4 indicating a highly intricate structure equipped with the most redundant components.