SHA2017… yes, we were there!


Let’s start with the name, SHA, the acronym for Still Hacking Anyway, is just the last of a series of initials that have been following one another since 1989. Many editions, each with a different name, many places, but one big event: a huge hacker camp with thousands of people from across Europe gathering every four years in Holland.

With about 4,000 participants and more than 300 talks and workshops, SHA2017 confirms itself as one of the most important and stimulating rallies in the European hacking world.

This year the Embassies of the different countries have been invited to contribute to organize the entire festival. In this context, the Italian Hacker Embassy contributed with a dense talk program taking place inside a specially designed tent.


Abbiamo partecipato allo SHA2017, uno tra i camp hacking più importanti della scena hacker europea. Hacking è Interlogica e il camp è la nostra anima.


As we will be able to tell you, with the publication of video interviews we filmed during the camp, the term hacking has a much wider meaning than what we think. In fact, it applies not only to the world of computer science but embraces a multitude of people and very different spheres and actions.

Basically, we can call hackers all those who, by attitude, deeply study the structure of things to transform their form and function. Doing this, hackers, to all intents and purposes, become co-creators of the world around them.

For this reason we can define hacking as much the set of methods and techniques to know and modify a computer system, as well as transforming an old lounge chair into a comfortable 4-wheel spider.

This is the spirit that characterises all the hacker camps and allowed the Sha2017 to grow reinventing day by day thanks to the contribution of all its participants.

Hacking is also our background, the principle on which our company is founded and it is still what inspires our work. In fact, hacking formed our personality since when, still young, we prefered to disassemble computers rather than going out to play with friends.

Hacking is what we do every day, it is what keeps us looking beyond what exists to imagine what does not yet exist.