Interlogica is pleased to announce the signing of a strategic partnership with Sofico, a multinational bringing industry-leading software to automotive finance, leasing and fleet & mobility companies. Its flagship product Miles Enterprise is trusted by world leaders as a mission-critical and flexible platform to manage different products and markets.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for Interlogica, as we emerge as Sofico’s first Italian partner. Through this partnership, Interlogica is poised to deliver exceptional professional services to clients in both domestic and international markets.

With its extensive expertise and presence in over 30 countries worldwide, Sofico is the perfect match for Interlogica to help realize ambitious projects in the Automotive and Mobility Services. Founded in 1988 in Belgium, Sofico is empowering automotive finance, leasing, fleet, and mobility companies globally to provide superior solutions. Currently, it employs over 500 people in 10 offices worldwide and operates in over 30 markets.
Its software, Miles Enterprise, is an advanced and continuously evolving solution used by key players in the industry.

In recent weeks, seven individuals from Interlogica have undergone a first training provided by Sofico, on Miles’ functional capabilities, which prepares them for future training and progress in operational configuration.

Leveraging this enhanced expertise, Interlogica will be fully equipped to offer professional services based on the Miles Enterprise platform, customized solutions, and high-grade technical support, enabling clients to optimize their Rental operations on a global scale while promoting efficiency and innovation in the Automotive and Mobility Services.