Cyber Security

As long as attacks on privacy and data increase, spending on cybersecurity will not be enough as businesses look to stay one step ahead of hackers.

We work in different areas of Cyber Security through Segment, a company of our group, offering not only protection from cyber threats, but also trainers to educate your employees on the best IT security practices. We help our clients to secure their computing environments from advanced threats, delivering solutions and services based on technical innovation and professional excellence.

The company’s growth in this sector has been driven by a group of high-profile ethical hackers able to prevent – or reduce – the risk of lost data, ensuring digital safety, that represents a serious concern for many businesses.


One of our main aims, being ethical hackers, is to research vulnerabilities affecting systems and communicating them for users and companies’ safety.
The list of our research activities is long. A recent on is about the Remote Code Execution bug which affects Mac users with Microsoft RDC installed.
Its importance lies on the fact that it was possible to totally compromise a vulnerable computer remotely by triggering a user into opening a web link.
Our company coordinated the Microsoft Security Team in fixing the bug.

Our Services
  • — Managed Security Service

    Network security services for your security needs

    In order to improve the quality of the analysis and support the IT department, Segment proposes as a partner able to offer MSS services. These represent a systematic approach to managing an organization's security needs. Our focus is on monitoring and support / addressing remediation activities.

  • — Penetration Test

    A simulated cyber attack to solve any highligthed bug

    A Penetration Test is intended to identify and correlate security issues by simulating attack methodologies used by individuals (hackers) or malware to compromise confidentiality, Availability and Integrity of Data and / or Corporate systems.
    We analyse different perimeters, both networks and web applications, in order to evaluate their security status and consequently, prioritizing the resolution of any highlighted bug.

  • — Data recovery Crypto Ransomware

    Recover data encrypted by a Ransomware infection

    We offer a 360 degrees support in solving and restoring data after a Crytpo Ransomware infection, as we have been working on such attacks for many years experience.
    Crypto Ransomware is a kind of malicious software that prevent the victim from accessing to data until a ransom is paid, displaying a ransom message. A simple ransomware may lock the system in a way which is not difficult for a knowledgeable person to reverse. More advanced malwares use a technique called cryptoviral extortion, in which the victim's files are encrypted and makes them inaccessible.
    Our team can support the victims in both occasions.

  • — Incident Response

    Recover quickly in case of a computer security incident

    In the event of a computer security incident, one or more specialists may be required to investigate the degree of impairment and to assist the client in the most effective mitigation and resolution of the problem.
    We monitor the customer network and the correlations of the logs / alarms that come from them, the SOC is able to generate prior alarms based on the interpretation of alert information that it can receive from its own Systems, identifying any failures of one or more network components, mapping anomalous and dangerous security activity.

  • — Security Tutor

    Train your employees on the cyber security issues

    The Security Tutor service offers an external figure specializing in security analysis and aims to identify, correlate, and analyze vulnerabilities in business processes and organizational issues in order to highlight the possible criticalities.
    We intend to assist both management and technical departments, to take the actions and measures needed to strengthen their defenses.
    In addition we may also offer personalized training courses to prevent computer intrusions, physical, data loss, or industrial espionage.

  • — Business Continuity and Recovery

    Restore your systems and continue to operate

    Business continuity and recovery encompasses planning and preparation to ensure that an organization can continue to operate in case of serious incidents or disasters and is able to recover to an operational state within a reasonably short period.
    We help your business by restoring servers or mainframes with backups, re-establishing private branch exchanges (PBX) or provisioning local area networks (LANs) to meet immediate business needs.

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Htcap is a web application scanner able to crawl single page application (SPA) in a recursive manner by intercepting ajax calls and DOM changes.
It is focused on the crawling process and uses external tools to discover vulnerabilities. It is designed to be a tool for both manual and automated penetration test of modern web applications.

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